Will you have vegan/GF/other options for breakfast and lunch?

Absolutely! We’ll ensure that there are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options for all attendees. If you have a specific dietary restriction, please note it in the registration form or shoot an email to info@authoralchemysummit.com and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

How accessible is the venue?

The event venue is accessible, with elevator access to the space and accessible restrooms. The Jupiter NEXT also has four ADA compliant hotel rooms; please note in your reservation if you will need one.

If you have a specific accommodation you need in order to join us, please email info@authoralchemysummit.com and we’ll see what we can do to take care of it. 🙂

Will there be a virtual version?

Potentially yes — especially if there’s enough interest. Signing up for our mailing list (and replying to the welcome email letting us know you’re interested in a virtual option) is the best way to stay in the loop.

What about COVID?

Masks and vaccines are highly encouraged, but not required at this point. We reserve the right to change this policy if it seems like a necessary measure to protect our attendees, staff, and speakers. The Jupiter Hotel is diligent about sanitization and health; please check out their COVID-19 Updates page for more information.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 100% refund policy until December 31.

What are the dates of the Author Alchemy Summit?

  • February 14: Welcome Happy Hour/packet pick-up
  • February 15-16: Programming
  • February 17 (President’s Day Monday): Optional Portland excursions

What level of experience is the Author Alchemy Summit for?

While anyone is welcome to join us at the Author Alchemy Summit, the programming will be most useful for authors who have a book or two under their belt (or who are close), and are working on growing their business. It’ll be helpful to have a knowledge of craft and business basics.

Is the Author Alchemy Summit for traditionally published or indie authors?

We’ll focus on tools that are available to trad, indie, and hybrid authors. That said, you’ll get the most out of the Author Alchemy Summit if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are looking for ways to take control of your author career. We won’t be focusing on topics like landing an agent, for example.

Is the Author Alchemy Summit for a specific genre?

Our speakers are experts across a mix of literary fiction, science fiction, humor, thriller, romance, and non-fiction, and our attendees will be the same. You are welcome, whatever you write!

What’s with “Alchemy?” Do I need a beard and robe to attend?

Alchemy is a perfect metaphor for talking about author careers. How so?

For a minute, picture an old-timey scientist like Isaac Newton or Hennig Brand poring over ancient manuscripts in search of clues while mysterious substances bubble in cucurbits in the background.

(Actually, don’t picture Hennig Brand’s mysterious substances too closely. Our dude’s real busy distilling phosphorous out of human urine.)

The goal? Immortality and gold.

The process? Years spent conducting experiments, taking careful notes, learning from failures, putting in elbow grease, and edging ever closer to that success.

The result?

Maybe none of these guys ever transmuted lead into gold.

(And isn’t that “failure” an apt metaphor for how we authors move the goal posts any time we find success — but that’s a conversation for our therapists.)

But our alchemist buddies’ perseverance brought us plenty of other valuable discoveries like phosphorus, porcelain, and alcohol distillation (mmm, bourbon).

For authors, both the writing and the business are one part art, one part science, and one part magic. Success requires experimentation. It requires long hours spent following threads of curiosity. It requires a touch of luck, but mostly a lot of elbow grease.

A lot of elbow grease. And that’s my favorite part of this metaphor.

Our alchemist buddies didn’t just sit back waiting for gold to fall in their laps. They didn’t chill with their feet up, hoping a nice investment opportunity came along. And they didn’t throw out their flasks and alembics after the first failed experiment.

Alchemist Authors aren’t just waiting for the market to be right, or for the right editor to pick up their book, or for Netflix to come calling.

Alchemist Authors know they have agency. They can take charge of their own careers, and make their own magic.

And that, my friends, is how you find gold — whatever your version of gold may be.